Sunday,  August 14th

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Rev. Trevor Kennedy

Mark Your Calendar

Good News provides a varity of events throughout the year for every age level. 

Reoccuring Events

Every week at Good News you can find a group meeting. Check them out!

Raise Your Hand!

It takes a lot of planning and dedication to present fun events for our Youth, Tweens and Kids and we LOVE every step of the process!

BUT we could use some extra hands to help make sure the events run smoothly. When more adult volunteers are signed up we can guarantee that the event will take place and the kids won’t be let down by last minute changes. Oh those smiles on their faces when they hear about what we have planned are so wonderful to see!

If you have never volunteered at a Youth or Kid & Tween event and are hesitant about what you would be ask to participate in,  DON’T WORRY! We would never assign you to an uncomfortable task. However you can individually help is plenty for us!

If you are interested in volunteering, please complete this online form and a ministry director will be in touch. Thank you friends!

We are currently revising the prayer list concerns. If you have a family member or friend that could use prayers, please email us at and they will be added to the prayer list.