New Sermon Series: Battle Tested

As we enter this season, we remember that Lent is the forty-day season of preparation, awareness, self-reflection, and self-evaluation that leads us into Easter. These days are marked with a more somber tone – a time tinged with the painful acknowledgement of our own sinfulness and mortality. It is a time when Christians confront and confess our neediness and wantonness – and prepare ourselves to receive the glorious news of Jesus’ resurrection. 

Day in and day out, a war rages around us…and within us. It is the invisible struggle for our allegiance – the battle for our minds and hearts and souls. Which will win? The darkness or the Light? And how do we prepare to fight?

Found within Paul’s letter to the church at Ephesus, we read of the Almighty’s provision for the faithful: the full armor of God. Over the next six weeks, we will explore each instrument’s significance, meaning, and application to today’s life and fight of faith. As always, our purpose is simple: to elicit a response. It is for us to be inspired, to be challenged, and to be changed. Our purpose, hope, and prayer is that all our hearts will be “strangely warmed” as we reflect upon the Bible’s promises, that we will find in God the nerve and strength to fight, and through our faithful surrender to Him, the power to overcome.

**Due to the spike in COVID-19 cases, our nursery is temporarily closed**

This Sunday
The Belt of Truth & Scout Sunday
Rev. Trevor Kennedy
February 21st

Backyard Worship: 9:30AM (weather permitting)
Sanctuary Worship: 11:00AM
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