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About us

Mission Statement

Making new disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

By disciple, we mean: One who is intentional about loving God and others, sharing their faith story and serving the needs of others.


Cultivating new relationships grounded in God’s love.

Discipleship Process

Connecting, Growing and Serving in the name of Jesus Christ.

Connecting is all about relationships

At Good News, we continually strive to connect with people in a way that deepens their relationship with God and one another. Some of these connections take place in weekly small groups, worship services and other church ministries. However, we know that not everyone has a relationship with God or a local church community so we strive to connect with those people and meet them where they are! We are always seeking ways to build new relationships by engaging in relevant conversations about life. There is no set formula for doing this; we simply want to communicate in an authentic manner: This is how God changed my life; this is what God is doing in and through me on a daily basis. We want to share the love of God that brings meaning and purpose to our lives.

Growing is all about relationships

At Good News, when we talk about growing, we are talking about spiritual growth not growth in numbers! The beauty of God’s love is that God accepts us as we are, but doesn’t intend to leave us there. God wants us to grow in love, character and spiritual maturity in our relationships with God and others. At Good News, our goal is to offer and encourage a variety of settings to facilitate growth in the lives of all from the youngest to the oldest. One such setting is small groups. Within the intimacy of a small group, we learn to accept, support, and encourage one another. We learn how to live out our faith and hold each other accountable. We become inspired by others’ lives, and challenged by their stories. In the process, we form meaningful relationships and discover great joy in learning how to apply God’s word to our daily lives.

Serving is all about relationships

At Good News, we believe God has called us to serve the needs of others with love and compassion. God uses our time, talents, gifts and treasures to help with the needs of others. By serving individually and as a community, God’s love is seen and experienced by others in the midst of a broken and hurting world. It is truly a blessing to serve alongside fellow followers of Christ – it feeds the soul! At Good News, there are a variety of ministry and service opportunities for individuals and families. Some of these opportunities help support programs and ministries within the church such as greeting guests, helping with yearly vacation bible school, volunteering in the youth program or teaching a small group. Other opportunities outside the church include serving at the local food pantry, volunteering time to help a student read, going on a mission trip or a variety of other opportunities. Whatever way one chooses to serve, know that it takes all of us working together for the church to function as God intended. God empowers us to serve, and multiplies our efforts exponentially.

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