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About us

Our Mission Statement

Making new disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

By disciple, we mean: One who is intentional about loving God and others, sharing their faith story and serving the needs of others.

Our Vision

Identifying, Developing, & Multiplying Leaders for Christ.

At Good News, we believe that God calls and equips ALL people to serve as leaders for Christ in the world. By leaders, we mean individuals who have identified and claimed their God-given gifts so that they can be people of action who serve others toward their full potential. 

Our Values

At Good News we believe it is important to name and define the kind of principles and standards to which we aspire as a community of faith. Rather than simply going through the motions of life, we have chosen to define what is important so that we can chase after those things with zeal and passion. This is in no way to condemn or belittle ourselves or others, but rather to inspire. We do not expect perfection, instead we prayerfully pursue transformation. Each of us comes to Good News with our own stories, baggage, gifts, and failures. This means that some of these values will come more naturally than others.That’s not only okay, it is expected! However, we believe that through the grace of God and His gift of the body of Christ, we can transform and grow in these values. 

We Reject Small-Minded Thinking

We Pursue Personal Transformation

We are Contributors, not Consumers

We Choose Joy & Have Fun

We are Flexible & Willing to Experiment

We Lead the Way in Irrational Generosity

We Aren’t Like Family, We are Family

We Share the Good News by Being Good Neighbors